Sexual Etiquette and Manners for Men

Many women are taught to be submissive while having intercourse and to please the male and not saying anything or they are not taught anything at all. Young women today seem to be giving more oral sex than ever before. This, in and of itself, is submissive and not a good thing for women in general because it serves the male but not the female. Men need to have some guidelines from women who are assertive, and to help protect submissive women or those that are less assertive and maybe do not want to say anything to their husband or lovers.

When it comes to foreplay the word is BE GENTLE, both in thought and action. Please do not refer to a woman's genitals as a "snatch", "box", "cunt", etc. This shows disrespect and the lack of care. While stimulating a woman's vulva, labia, and clitoris, which are the correct terms to be used, be gentle, have clean hands, and trimmed fingernails. Our bodies are susceptible to infections, unlike the male counterpart. There should be proper lubrication and it will come naturally as we get excited. Again, remember, be GENTLE! This means do not concentrate on one area. If needed, ASK HER in a caring and loving manner. She will let you know if and when she wants intercourse.

Before intercourse, make sure your penis is clean. Most men and women will shower before engaging in intercourse, but some men do not or will not have enough respect to clean themselves. This is especially important if you are not circumcised. Pull the foreskin back and wash the glands penis well.

During intercourse and when penetrating her, BE EASY and GENTLE! Your penis is hard and can be used essentially as a weapon as it is during rape. Consider how hard it is and the force you put behind it when you penetrate and thrust. A woman can be hurt intentionally and unintentionally with the penis. Sometimes, men get overly excited (esp. if they have been chastised and locked with a device for a time) and push too hard and deep. If your penis goes in far enough to touch the opening of the uterus, it can cause discomfort. Most of the time, this can be remedied by having her keep her legs closed with yours outside so that during thrusting you do not penetrate so far and your penis still contacts the labia and clitoris.

When it comes to having intercourse, do not think of it in four letter terms. Think of it as messaging a woman's vagina in order to give her pleasure that results in you giving her even more pleasure: ejaculation of semen. Almost all women crave intense ejaculation because it is an innate desire that can produce children. After you have ejaculated, pull out and when she wants you to as she may enjoy feeling you there and want to wait for all of the semen to be expelled. Obviously if she does not want to become pregnant and cannot use birth control, you should consider getting a vasectomy. Condoms are fine, but they deny a woman the pleasure of feeling the semen and full male orgasm. Male masturbation decreases a woman's pleasure because it expends male sexual energy away from the woman. Besides pleasure, semen passes on chemicals and such that help bond the man and woman. This is especially important in a monogamous relationship. If the husband cannot stop masturbating then a chastity device should be considered.

Ask her what sexual position is most comfortable for her and one in which she gets the most pleasure. Many women like the missionary position because they can see their partner. While massaging her, look into her eyes, kiss her, and remember: BE Gentle! Your loving consideration will be very much rewarded.