Review of the Number 1 and 8A device

The Review.

Firstly, I want to state unequivocally that the service Ms. Lori provides is nothing short of 1st rate. Correspondence was always smooth and clear and service was flexible and customised and very generous. In summary, you could not want better and I have never experienced better service internationally or domestically.

Anyway, onto the review of my device/s.

I started my venture into chastity wanting a visually pleasing but extremely secure device. I had researched Ms Lori's devices before and so had a fairly clear idea about what I wanted, so I measured up and ordered an 8B device. This was a relatively easy task, especially with the measuring advice Ms. Lori supplies on the website. The 8B also seemed like a good looking unit, very secure and suited my piercing (a PA piercing). Then the wait for a few months while it was made.

Upon receiving the device I was very excited and curious to try it on. However, upon advice from Ms. Lori I would have to 'take it easy' and use plenty of lubricant to give my piercing some time to get used to the new angles the locking pin applied to it. This took a good bit of time and at first I could only wear the device for a few hours at a time. So after a week my piercing became used to the new pin (especially as the pin was slightly larger than my piercing anyway). So I then tried my first go at wearing it 24/7.

However, after trying several times to wear it 24/7 I found that edema (fluid being trapped in areas which are pressed against the metal for long periods) occurred every time I wore it overnight and every time I became erect the fit of the device restricted my genitals from recovering properly to allow the edema to subside. I should mention that this is absolutely due in no part to incorrect manufacturing dimensions or device failure, the problem was that I did not allow enough room in my measurements.

So after a discussion with Ms Lori about making adjustments to the device (of which Ms. Lori kindly agreed to do free of charge!!) I sent off the device off hoping to get it back soon, enabling me to wear it 24/7. A few weeks passed and I received the package for a second time and tried the newly adjusted device on again. Sure enough, a better fit, but the same problems persisted. So, unfortunately I had to send the device back again (this time a financial agreement had to be reached-I was not expecting to get more adjustments for free!!). I must say that there was no fault in the adjusting process at the device workshop, it was all clearly to do with my underestimating the amount of 'ease' needed for my fit to work 24/7. So after persisting with trialling another bout of 24/7 wear I decided that my anatomy was just simply not able to cope with the restriction this device places on me, (no matter how much 'ease' is built into it) especially after erections when sleeping.

After discussing this with Ms. Lori again, she advised that I should try the device without the testie ring. I tried this and it was definitely much better and I could definitely wear the device 24/7, except that after a day or two, the weight of the device without the support of the testie ring was too much for my piercing to handle (it caused pain and inflammation). So again, I had to re-think using the device. I contacted Ms. Lori again with the problem I had and she then (to my great surprise) offered to exchange the device for another one. I chose the much simpler #8 and asked for a couple of bars to be added (which stop me touching myself) and this has proven to be successful as a device I can wear 24/7. I guess my anatomy is just not geared up to wear devices that are more 'restrictive' and the much simpler and lightweight customised #8 has been terrific. It keeps me in 24/7 chastity and comfortable. Finally I have a device I can now use properly!! I am not sure what it is, but down there, I personally seem to be very sensitive to restriction. Perhaps I am not the only one but never the less, a solution was found.

So in the end, I needed a much simpler device which did the job but was not the more fancy looking device which I first had in mind.

Having said this, I would recommend to anyone that is really serious about 24/7 wear, that you think carefully about the sort of device you get made. You may like the look of a device but it may not actually be the device you should use for 24/7 wear. My experience with Ms. Loris has been terrific (albeit slow due to my anatomical particularities), I am definitely not complaining about anything to do with purchasing the device. Simply, my anatomy does not allow 24/7 wear in a reasonably restrictive device, other peoples' genital anatomy may do, it's all a personal thing. Just don't be surprised if you need adjustments or need to change models. 24/7 wear is a serious business and requires absolutely perfect fit, or at the very least, enough freedom in the device to allow proper circulation and circulative 'recovery' after erections happen during sleep and so on. This is very important in my personal experience.

So, overall, I am really really pleased with my device, and the whole experience with Ms. Lori has been absolutely outstanding. Despite many setbacks caused by my bodily limitations with wearing a chastity device, I now have something I am really satisfied with.

If you are a serious chastity-worshipper and want something that is truly functional for full time chastity then Ms Lori Chastity Tubes are the way to go, without a doubt.

:-) Antoni

I wrote an email to my wife and wrote as headline My Christmas gift wish. I told her what I really just recently realized, that the biggest problem about our sex life is that I am addicted to porn and that I've been that since early teenage. And no matter how hard I try, I always go back to watching and jerking off. I told her how I feel about this and that I quite often hate my self for it. Then I inserted the review you've got on your page from Ms A. From a woman's perspective. And wrote that I really see myself in this guy, more than I would like. Then I insured her that it's really no problem to wear this device long term, easy to clean and so on. My Christmas wish was that she wouldn't let me out before my birthday (27 April) starting from Christmas eve. After she read my mail we discussed it maybe half hour. She asked me questions like if I really meant that I would go without an orgasm all that time. If it would be better to get out once in 2 weeks or once in a month or if it only makes it worse. We really discussed this about breaking an addiction. I never thought she would agree, just hoping. This conversation took place December 9 and I told her to think about it. The day after she had promised me to have an orgasm (I hadn't had one in 5 days) but before she gave me the key we discussed a little bit more about my wish to be locked. I wondered if she had decided and she said sure I did that last night. So do we start from Christmas eve or what do you think and she said the sooner the better, to morrow morning. I couldn't believe what I heard! At least 12 years had I been longing that she would become my key holder and now it finally occurred. I wanted her to tell me to lock my self up immediately after I've licked her feet clean and give her the key because it's always hard to get locked up right away when the arousal is gone. She said ok but you're sure that you don't want a last night in freedom? That was Monday 10 of December. Now it has gone 46 days and I'm still in chastity. Exactly a third of the time has passed until my release 27 of April (92 days to go ). My wife has one key at her work, I think and I have the other in a homemade safety box that she check twice a week that I haven't tampered with it (it's really no way to use the spare key without her knowing). Sometimes it's hard and sometimes easy. In the time that passed she had let me give her 2 orgasms and hopefully the third tomorrow. I really couldn't believe that it feels soo good to give her orgasms without any possibility to orgasm my self. I really love to feel her climax in my arms! My wish finally came through! And the reason she finally agreed was that I confessed that I really am addicted to porn and masturbation and that feels like cheating even if I don't want to. At least I think this is the main reason. We have talked a little of what going to happen after the release. But nothing certain yet. Maybe release once a month or when she feels for sex. We will see.