Review of the #2 Chastity Device

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This is a review I wrote a few days ago that I wanted to share here. I know some have mixed reviews of Ms. Lori's devices as do I, but this one hit the mark!

I just wanted to let anyone know who may be considering a steel device this is one that surely says look out. Our initial order was done with very and I stress very careful measurements as we (my wife and I) were at our wits end with purchases and resizing and then more resizing. I initially ordered this device and submitted the measurements to Ms. Lori. She then sent an email to my wife stating that device would look slightly different than the pics due to the extra sizing of the ring around the base of the penis. In fear of us making a mistake we re-measured and submitted new measurements. (first mistake)

The initial feer was the four small studs/spikes on the ring at the base of the penis. This was part of the significant security of this device as it is designed for the non pierced. My fear was that I was told the spikes were dull and about 3/16 of an inch in length. No problem but you add that times two (one for each side of the shaft) and you loose 3/8 off the inner diameter. Had we stuck with our original measurement I think we would have been ok.

After device arrived I noticed immediately the advantage of the recessed lock. A much smoother and cleaner looking device. Since it has a special screw and lock we ordered a second kit which has an extra key and screw. Unfortunately for what ever reason we only got the key and not the screw.

The fitting was pretty simple using the stocking method I was in the device within a few minutes. There was definitely an added weight that I would have to get used to being this is solid stainless steel. The first problem came at the very first erection. The ring at the base of the penis, already small in my opinion caused so much pain that I literally had a tough time even walking. This may be the point of the spikes to some but for us was a little excessive leaving two small bruises on the top of base of my penis. We sent in the device to Lori and asked her to remove the two small studs on just the top part leaving two small ones on the lower part as they seemed to not cause any problems. While she did offer to make them smaller Goddess was beyond tired of having to send these devices back and forth for what has now been a total of 6 months.

As we now have it back we still did not get the extra screw but the device is darn near perfect, well perfect for my Goddess anyway. There is now no way out as the small studs on the bottom keep you from being able to pull out. This is something that needs to be considered for playtime. Due to the design of the ring at the base of the penis once you start to get erect the ring is designed that full blood flow is marginally possible stopping any attempt at full erection. We did allow for about an extra 3/8 of an inch in the length of the cage portion as I am definitely a grower and this gives just enough room to keep the device from pulling too excessively on the ball sack. Anyway what happens now's is that once you start to get erect is is just sheer frustration and not as much pain. As already mentioned you can adjust this by the correct measurement and the complete use of all four studs/spikes. If you are looking for complete erection control and denial then leave the studs in tack and measure right. It gets your attention fast. Goddess likes to see me frustrated so we have the perfect fit thus far. The down side is that if she wants me out after teasing me for her satisfaction it takes a while to get everything back to a state where she can remove the device. Again you have to be 100% flaccid to get out with the lock removed of course.

The other advantages for the device are the open design and stainless steel. Hygiene while always a concern is easy as there are no special tools needed to use to clean. In all honesty wearing this for three days I only needed to use a little lubrication once. Being that the bars of the cage are open Goddess can use her tongue or whatever else she wants to use to tease the heck out me. I wondered if since it was open like it was if I could then get a little something in myself to relive myself but due to the correct measurements of the cage and the ring at the base of the penis I can see no way to beet it that way. As I get a partial erection everything is very tightly confined and thus no way to finish the task at hand so to speak.

In conclusion I would recommend this device for the following reasons:

  • Stainless Steel easy to clean
  • Fast order turn around time. 14 days not 3 months plus
  • Little to no chance for escape. None with correct measurements.

Cons to consider:

Slightly heavier than most CB devices. This is easily offset by ordering and wearing the correct briefs such as those from
Recessed security lock only includes one key. Need extra if you are prone to loosing things. Cutting this off would take a miracle!

Hopefully this review helps. If I have left anything out just ask and I will try to answer the questions.

Review of the 2D

Mistress Lori Thank you does not suffice. I was at my wit's end with the "Curve"; which, frankly was the best budget device we had found. We have others, and spent a good fraction of the 2C getting there. It's day one, but I can tell you the following:

  • It belongs, it feels natural.
  • The ring is chamfered perfectly. Grip, but relaxing.
  • I can move around, without anticipating pinching.
  • Weight is PERFECT.
  • Profile is sleek, in my lounging shorts I really could get away without a t-shirt.

I was so nervous, now I am not.