Hi Ms. Lori,

I just wanted to give you an update. The #5 I got about 14-15 months ago (I'm the one who sent you the plastic prototype) really turned out amazing. I'd planned on making it permanent, and after wearing it for about 2 months to test it out to see if there were any problems (there were none), I went ahead and made it permanent with super-strong steel-based epoxy. I've been permanently sealed in it ever since. I covered the entire bottom of the PA pin with epoxy, screwed the security screw in - through the epoxy - tightened it as hard as I could until the screw actually stripped, and then covered the recessed screw with more epoxy so that it is flush with the rest of the metal. The PA pin is welded in place as permanently as it ever could be.

You can also see how tiny my penis is, which is certainly one reason it should be locked up in permanent chastity. The whole device is 2.75" long and it covers all but about an inch or so of my entire penis. In fact, with the weight of the tube for the first time in my life I actually feel like I have something hanging there! It feels nice.

Without an annoying rear testie ball-trap ring, it's extremely easy to keep perfectly clean, and I never fly so airports are not a problem. I've been hard and dripping almost constantly for well over a year now. I didn't realize that being able to get fully erect makes being unable to do anything about it so much more agonizing. Having a testie ring punish every erection and keep them pointed down actually makes being in chastity easier.

Counting the two months I wore it before making it permanent I've been in chastity since early May 2012 (I took it off once for maybe 30 seconds just to double-check that there were no problems and somehow managed not to jerk off before getting it back on - for the final time). I lost the exact day in my calendar, but it was the first week of May. You did an amazing job of making it as close to the prototype as possible. Especially the placement and angle of the PA pin, which is so important. It's been so comfortable that I often forget it's there. In fact, it feels really wonderful, there's always a nice warm squeeze from the tube, the weight feels great, the 0g PA pin, and the bars always pressing against the head of my penis feel extremely nice and keep me at least semi-hard pretty much constantly. And while I can get erect, so far I've never been able to cum. I can't even get close, and I've tried *everything* over the past year. I just can't get any stimulation to that one spot on the bottom that I need to cum. I've tried vibrators, shacking, bending, pulling, twisting, humping my bed for hours, and sticking things like q-tips in through the top but once I get hard, there's no room to get it in there... and if I put it in before I get hard, it will only painfully pinch the skin if I move it around at all once I do. So frustrating.

I also know from wearing a plastic PA5000, which I was able to easily jerk off in because there was no solid bottom under the penis head or bars above it, that if I ever do somehow manage to cum, the tight 1" tube will block anything from squirting out while I'm hard, which causes the ultimate ruined orgasm and is also very uncomfortable, borderline painful. So, knowing that I can't cum and even if I could it would not be an orgasm, I've given up on trying. I still like to rub the cage and stuff, but at this point i know I'll never be able to cum. I've fully accepted that.

I am getting very desperate to just feel some stimulation though. I haven't had even one stroke of stimulation in about 425 days and I'm just dying for it. I feel like I'd do anything for one good stroke. The only possible way I could ever conceivably escape is to cut off the bars on top to slide my penis up and forward, off of the PA pin. But in the front I'd have to cut them on either side below the end tip of the PA pin to be able to slide off, and you made the bars get thicker and wider at that point as they curve to meet the base of the cage, That makes it practically impossible to cut. Did you do this on purpose?

The bars are so close to the tip of my penis I couldn't really put much, if anything, between them to protect myself (also the PA pin sticking out past the bars is in the way), and having a spinning Dremel tool cutting bit literally 1mm from my penis just is not something I'm prepared to try. Plus the sharp shards of steel that would fall into the tube and get stuck in there is too scary to think about. And I assume cutting steel would get VERY hot. Also, with only about 1/8 inch between the bottom of the PA pin and the metal below it, I don't even know if I have enough room between there to slide forward off the PA pin anyway. If the bars didn't get wider, thicker, and curved right where I'd need to cut them, and instead met at a nice right angle, it would be so much easier to try to cut them, though still risky.

Has anyone ever managed to cut one off one of your cages to escape? Is it true Paulie has been sealed in a permanent cage for over 15 years? I read that in an interview of you I came across online (and I read that about a year ago). I'm sure it could somehow be cut off by professionals in the ER if it were a medical emergency, but it's not something i think i could ever do myself.

Even if I did get it off, i know once I jerked off I'd want to be immediately locked back in it again. I always felt that way after Cumming, and I always wanted to be in chastity... but if I could escape or cum in the cage I always would - nothing could ever stop me except a permanent device. So it's for the best that I can't get out. I'd feel totally naked without it at this point anyway. Still, when i get extremely desperate it's hard not to think about escaping.

Thanks again for the perfect device,