WELL I SEE HE GOT YOU OVER HERE TO SEE THIS WEB PAGE, AND YOU ARE PROBABLY WONDERING WHAT IN THE HELL IS CHASTITY, OR WHY IN THE HELL WOULD I WANT TO CHASTISE HIM?? This information is here to help you understand why it is so important to chastise your husband or your boyfriend. I put this information up as much for you, as well as for him, he has a real hard time explaining to you why he would want you to chastise him, so I am going to help him out here, and quite possibly make you happier than you have been in years. First let me ask you some questions and if you answer yes to 75% of them you will want to go on and read the second half of this page, if you didn't answer yes to at least the 75% you should probably not read the second half because you will probably be offended and you are a prude or carry ice around in your panties

1. Do you ever wish he was more romantic?

2. Do you ever wish that you could be held, cuddled and would like to make-out with him like you used to do, without being expected to have sex with him, doesn't it feel good to be just turned on for a while with out having that old built in feeling of "take care of your man" care for his little male release?

3. Do you every wish he would treat you better when you are out and around other people?

4. Do you ever wish he would be more helpful around the house, get the yard and house like you want them?

5. Do you ever worry when he is "just out with the boys", "went fishing" "got to go out of town this week end" Ever wonder what he was really doing???

6. Do you remember when you were first dating him? How sweet he was? How he would do anything to get in your pants? Remember all the foreplay ohhhhh yes the foreplay??? Would you like it to be like that again??

7. Do you ever wish he wouldn't do stupid things like, speeding, drinking and driving, getting rowdy, loud, and want to start a fight, don't you just hate this from a man, MR. MACHO????

8. Do you ever wish things could be a little bit more your way, like instead of arguing, or hollering at you, you had the upper hand and the final say after listening to his side of the story, for a change?

9. Do you ever notice how friendly and nice he was before he went in to the shower and then after he has spent to much time in there, he comes out not so friendly and he seems a little nervous? Guess what he's been doing honey?

10. Do you ever worry that he is having a sexual relation with someone other than you?


Well I see you are still here! So here goes honey, things are about to get a whole lot better around your house. I am about to tell you some things about men that they cannot or will not tell you and some of it you may find repulsive and shocking at first. Lets start with the questions that are outlined above.

1. Men are driven by their testosterone level, when you have him chastised, he cannot be taking the matter into his own hands, believe me he does, he won't be spending time having fantasies about some other bimbo and wacking off in the bathroom. And he will spend that time and that energy being romantic.

2. When you have him chastised you will find that a big change will come over him. Men have this built in thing about their sexuality, and they live in fear of failure to perform, so they try to shy away from kissing and cuddling except when they are horney, and they would rather pick-up there favorite dirty mag and head off somewhere and wack off, then they would give you the attention you deserve, they would rather be horse whipped than tell you what their real fantasies are. So once you have him chastised he will pay a lot more attention to you. He really enjoys you making out with him and getting all turned on, but it has always been so easy before just to jump on board and "wham bam thank you mame" or just take care of the matter himself. Now with him all locked safely away, it takes the burden of performance off him, and it also relieves you of that old feeling of "take care of your man" and you don't have to have all that sticky mess to clean up. If you want more than just a little kissing and cuddling, get him to do a little tongue exercise, he will love to do it as this is the only sexual outlet he has, because you have locked up his favorite outlet, the longer you leave him locked up the more his testosterone level rises, and the more attention he will pay to you.

3. He will have a whole new outlook on life after you have him chastised, after all you have the key to his favorite toy, and if he does not treat you properly when you are out and around other people you could say something like, well that just cost you a few extra days, and then you leave him locked away from his sexual release day a few extra days, believe me he will only do this once.

4. You will get all the help you want around the house and get him to do all the chores you want done, simply tell him he will have to earn his little rewards, believe me after you have had him locked up for about a week he will begin to think of you as a Goddess, and will be glad to help you around the house.

5. This one is so great, when he is out with the boys all day you must admit that you wonder what he is really doing? is he cheating on me? When he is chastised you know for sure he is not dropping his drawers for some other woman, with a chastity device locked on his "little pride and joy".

6. Do you remember what it was like, how exciting it was when you were first dating him, and all his desires were directed at you? Well it can be that way again, lets face it all the new has worn off and the chase is over for him, he has conquered you. As soon as you have chastised him he will have to do this all over again, he will have to woe you and coe you to get you to unlock him. Remember this one thing, and this is one of those things he doesn't want you to know, and something you are going to find repulsive, left unchecked he jacks off a lot, it is true, a male thinks about sex 65% of the time. And it is to easy for him to slip off and do his thing, as soon as you put a stop to this you will be amazed at how much attention he will pay to you, and how much more energy he will have. Masturbating saps a lot of his energy. If you don't believe he does this just get him in bed and get him all "REVVED" up and start playing with him and then take his hand and put it over and replace your hand with his, kind of hold your hand over his, act like this really turns you on, moan a little, then when he is really going, stop him and start asking him questions, like do you ever do this by your self? He will be hesitant at first, but act like the idea really turns you on. YOU WILL SEE. He can't help but tell you truth.

7. Yes the stupid things he does. Let me tell you the last thing he wants to do is be searched and have a police officer find a little piece of steel around his dickie, or to go to jail and remove all his clothes in front of everyone, his whole attitude will change once you have him chastised. And he sure don't want to risk a fight where he may get kicked on his thing.

8. This question almost answers it's self, if you have him chastised things will be your way, or he doesn't get to play on his release day.

9. Guess why he was in the shower so long? Yep, he was at it again, and you are thinking not my John or Paul or?? It is true, believe me. YOU NEED TO STOP HIM FROM DOING THIS, AND HE WANTS YOU TO STOP HIM FROM DOING THIS. This is why he brought you over and showed you this page to start with. Masturbating is something he feels guilty about doing every time he does it, but he cannot help himself. It is probably hard for you to understand this, it was very hard for me to understand, but I have about 35 males who I hold the key for, and I have come to understand a lot about what makes a male tick. You will be amazed at the things you can get them to tell you once you have CONTROL of their favorite toy.

10. Do you ever worry about him having a sexual affair with some one other than you, maybe even bringing you home some nasty disease? Once you have him all locked safely away the burden of worry is taken off your shoulders, and you may not even realized it was there to begin with, it is something we women tend to try not to think about. Ok so now you know all their little secrets, and you know what to do about it, you have to ask yourself a question, Do I want things to keep going on like they are or do I want to be happier, do I really want to put a new spark in our sex life? What if I want more sex than every 30 days? Why would he want to wear a steel tube around his dick.

Well do you want to be happier and have him pay more attention to you? Do you need a new spark in you relationship? If you want more sex than every 30 days he will learn to give you the best oral sex you have ever had. And seeing as he can't please you with his little dickie as it is all locked away, send him trotting down to the adult bookstore and have him pick you up a nice strap on dildo just the size you like, strap it on him and have him use that, it has lots of advantages like it don't wear out , and doesn't go soft just when things were starting to get real good, there is no little male messes to clean up afterward, the list goes on and on.

Now the question as to why he would wear a steel tube around his dick? No doubt he brought you over to this page to start with right? He wants to be locked up and belong to you, he wants to feel safe, he wants to stop feeling guilty about masturbating, he wants to have more energy toward you, he wants to feel safe from having a affair with another woman. You know what the next step is, "SO DO IT".