Ronda's Journal

Ronda has been doing a journal about her mate being locked up for days at a time.

Here is my journal so far, after 108 days of chastity and about a month of unlocked freedom for him. I would be grateful for your advice on my imminent decision to start either 6 months or a year of chastity. Any thoughts or experience you have would be appreciated. I have re-considered the "male lesbian" concept. While your article is not fully on target in my case, there may, indeed, be some truth here. While the lesbian experience is not something I have experienced, not wish to experience, I believe I can appreciate it's value. The gentleness, tenderness and deeply satisfying love affair I now have, free from the sometimes rough and pounding lovemaking prior to this, is just too delicious for words. I credit the change in him to be because of the chastity effect. Thanks for your assistance.

I wrote recently to thank you for our 12B. At that time we had completed 54 days of the 100 days I had decided to lock him in the new unit. I was pleased beyond my wildest imagination at that point, but it just kept getting better. Some background may be in order. I offered to keep a journal and send you an update when the 100 days were completed. Some time ago, he had previously done 28 days in a different chastity device. I was thrilled at the results. Per your website, stating it took at least 90 days in a chastity device to produce the desired changes, I decided he should do 90 days. I weakened after 63 days, but I later required, and he completed, the full 90 days locked up. And, you are exactly right, that 90 days are essential. It was stunning what happened. That was a couple of years ago and he still thanks me frequently for the experience of 90 days of chastity. He refers to that time as a "gift" that I gave to him. He tells me almost daily, how much the 28 days changed his life and the 90 days confirmed for him his purpose in life and destiny in life: to devote his life to love and please me! He also says the 90 days of chastity was a major achievement and demonstrated to him how much he had been missing because of his previously unrestricted and frequent orgasms, and the letdown that occurred after each. He tells me he would never again trade 15 to 20 seconds of the ecstasy of his orgasm, for days and weeks and months of the intense love we experience now. We have now seen it happen so many times we fully accept it, that his intense arousal and frequent, desperate "needs" of an orgasm, without fail, vanish when I have my orgasms, instead of him! He always refers to this, when it happens, as the "Miracle" and thanks me over and over for "being strong" and NOT! unlocking him. All this, of course, AFTER my orgasms have satisfied me, and him, also.

But having seen this countless times, I now find it charming and easy to keep him locked. It never fails that he's "grateful and appreciative" as he repeatedly assures me, for remaining strong and keeping him locked, no matter how much begging or how desperate he says he is to be unlocked and granted permission to have an orgasm. It's almost beyond belief. The more anxious and desperate he says he is for his orgasm, the more satisfied he is after the Miracle occurs, which is every time I get satisfied by one or many orgasms or simply the tenderness of cuddling and kissing. He says he now realizes what he was missing all those years of unrestricted orgasms and now refers to the Miracle as what he has been cheated out of all those years. He was surprised to discover how much I enjoy the kissing, caressing and tenderness after my orgasms. He previously turned over, after his orgasm, and went to sleep. He thought I was doing the same. He has promised, after the 100 days are reached and I allow him a few days of as many of his orgasms as he desires, that he will NOT turn over and go to sleep, but continue the kissing and caressing. I doubt if he will, and fully expect to lock him back up after a few days of allowing him to have some orgasms. We always refer those days as "optional days", when I keep him locked that day if I choose or unlock him, if I choose. Now, during the number of days of chastity for him that I have specified, there is never the possibility of unlocking until the number of days of his chastity have been reached. He loves to hear me say "I'm perfectly satisfied" and turn over so he can hold me in his arms while I drift off to sleep. I can sense him becoming so peaceful and satisfied, too: his heart rate slows, his breathing slows and he also drifts off to sleep, totally satisfied. He can't wait to heat up the massage oil in warm water and give me a full body, leg and foot massage, always spending more than an hour each time. He warms up the vibrator and brings it to me each morning. As I previously mentioned, your unit 12B has made this experience so wonderful: I can fondle him as much as I want, and because of the design of the 12B, he is unable to have an erection or an orgasm. I no longer have to remain mindful of him approaching an orgasm that I do not wish to allow, and stop fondling. He is simply unable to have an orgasm in the 12B. We have enjoyed 69 to a much more satisfying degree, because it continues as long as I want, without the possibility of him having an orgasm and ruining it for me. He has become so very committed and anxious for my pleasure and satisfaction.

One morning, I was very sleepy and tired. He asked! my permission to leave the bed so I could sleep, and to go make fresh coffee for me. I allowed him to do that and later called him back when I was truly ready for my usual morning of kissing and caressing. Of course, I also enjoyed several of the most beautiful, gentle, tender, and sweet and satisfying orgasms ever. Another morning, the instant he woke up he me he was completely satisfied. He had been locked about 70 days at that point and he told me he no longer obsessed about his orgasm. I almost fainted when he asked if I would start the 100 days from THAT! day! I told him we would complete the original 100 days and then I would decide. For many days after that, he asked if he were a perfect husband for the balance of the original 100 days of chastity, could he earn "bonus days" locked up! Stunning. He seems to genuinely enjoy the locked up chastity more than the prospect of his own orgasms. About a month before completing the 100 days of chastity, he began talking about what Day 100 would be like, specifically requesting it not be a quickie. He wanted me to have several orgasms first, allowing him to enjoy them, also, before his orgasm and the letdown. He told me he was actually beginning to dread the end of his chastity! About that time, we had previously scheduled a party that required a lot of preparation, not the least of which, was window cleaning. Washing windows is a chore he ranks between biting the inside of his cheek and having a tooth pulled. He washed windows all day, without complaining even once. I was so proud of him, I decided to see if he was really serious about bonus days. I told him I was so pleased with the change in him, I would reward him with 7 bonus days. He was thrilled! You could have knocked me over with a feather! He then asked for my help in becoming a perfect husband, and asked if I would assign chores so that he would be allowed to retain the bonus days earned and he wanted me to deduct bonus days for things that displease me. We'll see if that changes after 100 days, plus a few "bonus days" if he earns them and gets to keep them!

One absolutely delicious part of all this is he has become so very attentive and anxious to please me. He asks me what I think about things and wants to be with me all the time. He asks for reassurance almost daily, that I am not being cheated nor denied. That's so cute-if only he knew just how wonderful all this is for me! He makes me promise I will always be truthful and honest and that I will always have his penis anytime I want it. We enjoy the wonder that each morning brings and the discovery of what I want: sometimes no orgasms, just kissing and fondling and caressing, sometimes one or a few orgasms, or sometimes what he calls the "hungry" days when we ride the wave. We share such a tender, loving relationship as a result of the 90 days, and the 100 days. The first 90 days was an adventure for both of us, not knowing what the future held. The second 90 days, or in this case, 100 days, has been even better, because we knew what was waiting for us, as the chastity effect takes place. There is no substitute for 90 days. This has been a life altering experience for both of us. We ended this most wonderful chastity experience at day 108. We, but primarily me, were ready for the chastity to end. Temporally. As anticipated it was wonderful beyond description. It was also wonderfully different: so meaningful, so tender, loving and gentle, so completely and magnificently consumed with our love for each other. He remains completely changed from the Chastity experience, now a month later.

He tells me daily that he continues to make his life focus pleasing me, that his destiny in life is to have me tell him he has become a perfect husband. He simply cannot do enough to insure I am satisfied, pleased, loved completely and that I am fully aware of his all consuming desire to become a perfect husband. He devotes his life to loving me, he does chores, he gives massages, he tells me he now finds his happiness and satisfaction comes from pleasing me. He read more on your website about longer chastity experiences, such as one year of chastity. He sometimes asks for a year locked up and other times says he couldn't do a full year. Now that I have allowed him about a month of unlimited, unlocked orgasms, I find he still he remains more interested in my orgasms than his. What a surprise! As of this update, I am now deciding between six months of chastity for him, or a full year. He tells me after about 60 to 70 days of chastity, he no longer obsesses about his orgasm. He tells me that feeling of being so peaceful and relieved of his orgasm-obsession has changed his life and made his life wonderful. He credits me with this life altering experience, but we both know it is because our love for each other allowed the chastity lifestyle to perform its magic and manifest this love affair. Wonder what six months of chastity or a full year of chastity will bring? Delicious thought!