Male lesbians are not attracted to men, let me explain something. Each man and each woman has a certain amount of male and female hormones, sometimes the balance gets tipped one way or the other, you have seen it, the effeminate man, the butch girl, Mr. Macho, Miss Sexy, this is hormones that have created this, and the associated behavior. A male lesbian may like feminine things, like's to dress up or just wear panties, but not all men want to take it this far. ONE THING IS FOR SURE, THEY LOVE WOMEN! Their favorite thing to do would be to crawl in bed with you and give you oral sex until you can't stand it anymore. Make love to you the way a woman would. Have you make them roll over in bed snuggle up and lay that way, without you giving them a orgasm. HARD TO BELIEVE but its true. They would love for you to" MAKE" them wear a steel chastity device around their little dickies and lock it away, so they can let the feminine side of them loose. This kind of activity makes most women shutter and they think it is repulsive, this is because it has been beat into her head by society that this is wrong for a male to act this way, therefore it is wrong for me to act this way with him and do these things. Let me tell you, this life here is no prelude to better things to come. This is it, so live it. What goes on behind closed doors is nobodies business but your own. Drop those old feelings and start having some fun, now I am not saying dress him all up and parade him down the street (unless you want to). Just sometime use some wide medical white tape and fasten his little dickies back between his legs, You might be surprised at what you end up with, you need to understand that he only sees what his body looks like when he looks down he is not seeing 5 o'clock shadow, all he sees breasts and nothing jutting out between his legs this is all the stimulation he needs to become feminine, now take him/her to bed help make him feel feminine, remember not to treat him like a male, you may want to have him use a strap on dildo for your pleasure if you like entrance. Never allow him to use his real thing. (you may never go back to straight sex again). Let him know this is for YOUR pleasure only, not his, that he can expect nothing more from you than what another women would get, like breast stimulation rubbing your hand down where his dickies used to be. He will fall in love with you all over I promise!!!


NOW I AM GOING TO REALLY CONFUSE YOU, SO STAY WITH ME HERE OK?? HE WANTS TO DO THIS FEMININE THING, remember when we talked about the hormone thing? He has female hormones screaming at him to do this feminine thing, but the lack of acceptance from society is screaming louder, that this is not acceptable behavior, not normal. This is where the "FORCED WOMANHOOD" thing comes in, once the bedroom door is closed YOU become his society, if you can make him believe that this is something you want to do, this will remove the taboo from the act. If you can get past this taboo in both your minds you are on your way to having the most fun you have ever had with sex. He will be hesitant at first, because of the male libo. Coax him a little or demand that he do this (this works much better than coaxing) he needs to think that this is something you want him to do, this makes it ok in his mind, you have removed the taboo and you are his society his only audience. You may find this funny or repulsive at first, but you must not let on, you will not find it so funny or repulsive when he/she starts bringing you to some mind rocketing fantastic orgasms, the one thing you need to remember is to relax and enjoy this, it has been made plain to him from the start that all the pleasure is for you and he will not be having any orgasms. All of us women have had fantasies about doing it with another woman at one time or another or at least have been attracted and curious about what it would feel like to kiss another woman, to taste her lipstick, feel her breasts close to yours, what it would be like making love to her. Now is your chance, turn down the lights and start pretending, it is only you and him/her, two of you enjoying sex without all the judging that society does, let him/her please you, the more you get into it, the more you will enjoy it. NOW IT IS OK TO DO, because it is with someone you trust. Ok, so now you know there is such a thing as a male lesbian, remember just because you dressed him/her all up in women's clothes he is not going to go out chasing men. Don't get me wrong there are gay men out there also, and gay men who like to dress as a woman, but there are also male lesbians. If he is gay you probably already know it anyway!!!! If you find you like this type of play you may want to take it a little further by boosting his female hormone level causing him to sprout small breasts for you to play with. NOT ALL MALES HAVE THIS IMBALANCE OF HORMONES and some wish only for chastity, for other reasons. MALE LESBIANS MAKE THE BEST LOVERS, THEY ARE GENTLE, LOVING, AND UNDERSTANDING, MY TWO PERMANENTLY CHASTISED FEMINIZED SHE/MALES ARE MALE LESBIANS, AND I WOULD HAVE IT NO OTHER WAY.

Mistress Lori

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