Chastity Device Letters from Customers

Letter from Customer telling it like it is

I am not sure if you post letters from customers letting you know how special your devices are, but if you do, please feel free to post this one.

My Chastity journey started years ago and I wasted a lot of money purchasing devices that were sold on the internet. None of which really accomplished the overall goal of providing comfort, total security, and satisfaction for the fetish that I had. My fetish was that of being locked up for my key holder, unable to masturbate or experience any type of sexual satisfaction without her being involved. I looked at porn on the internet, I masturbated, and I lost my total craving for my wife during those times. I eventually saw the light and tried to introduce chastity into our relationship. She was reluctant at first but eventually she saw how important it was to me and she agreed to try it.

We had several successful months with the use of the curve device, which is plastic but it was somewhat effective. However, mentally, for me, it was a novelty because I knew that at any time I could cut it off or pull out of it. In fact, there were a few times when I had to go to work, when she forgot to leave out the keys, that I just cut off the lock and it was done. I tried several add on items sold on the internet but none were effective. Eventually I worked up the courage to tell my wife that I wanted to be pierced so that wearing a chastity device for her could be more secure. I had been to your web site and seen the beautiful devices that you offered and I knew that this was the best way for me to feel totally secure in chastity for my wife.

After some discussion and hesitation, she was the one who made my appointment to get a PA piercing and the experience of it was minimal. It was special in that we did it together as a couple and during the time of my healing, the piercing jewelry acted as its own chastity device. Every time I looked down at it I was reminded of her.

Fast forward to now and I am securely locked in one of your 8C devices that you custom made for me. It is comfortable, extremely secure, and far better than anything else out on the market. If only I had known I would have saved hundreds of dollars on chastity device market gimmicks. While locked in your device, I feel totally secure. I have searched for lots of security screw bits and have yet to find one that matches the security screw that secures your chastity devices. All I have to say is GOOD!

I see so much chastity stuff on the internet but none of it is relevant and accurate to those of us who truly desire to be in chastity for our wives and for the right reason. We owe it to ourselves and to our significant others to be secure in our desires, and to be willing to give up that amount of control so that our relationships will flourish. I can not thank you enough for providing a realistic view regarding a chastity lifestyle and for providing a truly secure chastity device that can be used effectively between two loving individuals. The level of customer service and the quality of communication that you provided me during the process was outstanding.